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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas....

Except when it doesn't!

Nothing Stays In Vegas— Face to face with memories of the past and the gorgeous man who started it all, Lexi can no longer deny the truth to anyone, especially Leo. But honesty will come at a price, and Lexi must decide if she’s wiling to take that risk. And what exactly will she tell her husband?

Return to Vegas—Five years after being reunited in Las Vegas, Lexi and Leo have settled into domestic bliss.
Or have they?
While Lexi and Leo discovered that Nothing Stays in Vegas, the only thing that can bring their love back together again, is a…Return to Vegas.

Nothing Stays in Vegas

Castle Mountain Lodge

Fall in love at the Lodge!
Set in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Castle Mountain Lodge is the perfect destination for falling in love.

In this 'sweet' romance series all the books can be read as individual stories, but are more completely enjoyed when read in order.

Book One - Unexpected Gifts
Book Two - Hidden Gifts
Book Three - Mistaken Gifts
Book Four - Secret Gifts
Book Five - Goodbye Gifts
Book Six - Tempting Gifts
Book Seven - Holiday Gifts
Book Eight - Promised Gifts
Book Nine - Accidental Gifts

Unexpected Gifts

Hidden Gifts

Mistaken Gifts

Secret Gifts

Goodbye Gifts