When We Were Us

When We Were Us

Timber Creek, Book 2

She’s lost in her heartache.
He blames himself.
Is their love strong enough to survive their greatest hurt?

Christy has built her entire life around the dream of being a mother and raising a family with the love of her life. After years of infertility, doctors, treatments and heartbreaking disappointments, that dream seems further away than ever.

Without her dream of motherhood, Christy no longer knows know who she is or what she wants.

Mark loves his wife unconditionally but can’t bear knowing that he failed to give her the family she so desperately wants.

At the very time when they should be coming together, their pain is pulling them apart. Is this challenge more than their marriage can withstand? Or will they be able to see past their individual hurts and come together again to have their own second chance at love—together?


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