The Springs Collection: Volume One

About the Book

Slip into The Springs with The Springs Collection: Volume One
***Contains the first two novels and novella in The Springs, Seasons series***

Summer of Change— Samantha is struggling to keep her small town bar afloat and the last thing she needs is new business owner, Trent moving in and changing everything—including her feelings about love.

Falling into Forever—Kari is on the run from her life when she stumbles into town, and Rhys. She never expected to fall for the handsome officer. She also never expected her secrets to come to light. Will they destroy everything?

Second Glances—When a mysterious invitation to the exclusive island of Eden arrives, Kylie must decide between the love she thought she wanted, and the one she needs.

These books can be read as stand-alone novels, but are best enjoyed as a series.

The Springs Collection: Volume Two, contains the last two novels and Christmas novella in The Springs series. And is available now!

The Springs Collection: Volume Two

* Winter’s Burn
* Midnight Springs
* She’s Making A List