Summit of Seduction

What They're Saying...

This is another fantastic read by the amazing and talented Elena Aitken. I always seem so say that her current book is my favorite, but this is no lie because every single book some gets under my skin and becomes my new favorite. I fall in love with the characters over and over and can’t ever get enough of them.

In this book, Seth is a confirmed bachelor, he can’t settle down and doesn’t want to. That all changes after a one night stand with a sassy little red head. Cynthia normally doesn’t do one night stands but there is something about Seth that she just can’t stay away from.

Cynthia is busy between work and taking care of her sick mom and soon finds out she is carrying Seth’s child. She also falls in love with a mother dog and her new litter of puppies. She has so much on her plate and can’t imagine adding Seth to the mix, but the pull between these 2 is just to strong to deny.

You will be hooked from the first page and find yourself loving everyone. I hated seeing the book come to an end and can’t wait for it to pick up where it left off! – Summer from