Finding Happily Ever After

Finding Happily Ever After

Ever After, Book 7

Aiden Adams has worked hard to put the lies and drama of his past behind him, and he’s determined to start over in a new town, with a new job at the high school, far away from his past.

Strong, sexy, brave, and the new local hero, Rookie Firefighter, Natalie Adams has it all, including a secret. But she’s determined not to let that stop her from moving on and living her best life.

When Natalie’s called in to teach Aiden’s class first aid, lust at first sight very quickly becomes more and soon, they each hope the other is the fresh start they’ve both been longing for. But you can’t push down the past forever. When the truths they’ve both tried to hide come to light, will Natalie and Aiden be able to see past their hurt, put their pride aside and fight for the love they both deserve?

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