Return to Vegas

About the Book

Five years after being reunited in Las Vegas, Lexi and Leo have settled into domestic bliss. Or have they? 

Normally, Lexi would never dream of keeping secrets from Leo, but sometimes there are things too painful to share even with those that love you most. When that secret threatens to come between them, will Lexi be willing to share in what could be a devastating truth, or bear the pain alone?
Leo would do anything for his family, including moving to the remote Canadian Rockies, leaving his career behind. But when he’s presented with an offer that’s almost too good to be true, he just can’t turn it down. Even if it means deceiving those he loves the most. 

In the past, for Lexi and Leo discovered that, Nothing Stays in Vegas. Now, after all this time, maybe the only thing that can bring their love back together again, is a…Return to Vegas.