Nothing Stays in Vegas

What They're Saying...

“Turn off that phone, Find that comfy spot, a big cuppa and a place in the sun for this wonderfully refreshing novel. A story of love, chemistry, destiny and the unexpected stories these elements can bring into our lives. The characters were very relatable. Such a refreshing angle for the story to be explored via the two main characters. A romantic novel that didn’t make me squirm, just eager to find out what was going to happen next! Is it a happy ever after? You’ll have to read to find out. I can say you won’t be disappointed.” ~Julie-Anne Adams “Elena Aitken has brought us such an incredibly sweet story of love almost lost. She breathes such freshness into the story, creating characters I could easily relate to. The story flowed so easily, I lost myself in the events as they unfolded. This had me looking for flights into Vegas! I highly recommend this if you are looking for a light, fun summer read (or any season for that matter!)” ~Diana Murdock

“I enjoyed this book tremendously.! It was a good story that ended good for a change. By the title you weren’t sure what would happen but it turned out to truly be a woman’s dream come true! Fairy tales do exist but are hard to find and our own denial can always catch us off guard but I am a true romantic. Although have never found it for myself have seen it in others. Enjoy this book!”

“Loved it! Easy summer read. I would definitely recommend it as a vacation read. Looking forward to more from this author.”