Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Trickle Creek, Book 1

He’s not looking for love, but she’s the sunshine to his grump and six months is a long time to deny his desire.

Chase never fit in with his big tight-knit family. Always on the outside looking in, as soon as he could, he left small-town life—and his family—behind.

Now, a clause in his father’s will has forced him home for:

Six. Long. Months.

Sunshiny and oh-so-sexy, Annie is just the distraction that Chase needs until he can put his hometown in the rearview for good. The last thing he expects is to develop any actual feelings for her, or the young boy she’s raising, but the longer Chase stays in town, the more attached he becomes.

All too soon, time is running out, the stakes are high, and Chase can’t decide what’s more dangerous. Leaving for good? Or staying?


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