Because You Loved Me

Because You Loved Me

Trickle Creek, Book 4

A runaway bride and a playboy. One bedroom in a remote cabin. A spark neither of them have felt before.

After almost hooking up with a gorgeous blonde stranger as a misguided way of dealing with his problems, Asher Carlson needs to escape. Discovering he has inherited a remote mountain cabin provides the perfect solution. The last thing he expects is for a runaway bride—that same beautiful blonde woman—to jump in the cab of his truck and demand to go wherever he is going.

Alone together with her almost hookup in a cabin with only one bed, Noa Briggs knows she can’t ignore the mess she left behind when she left her best friend at the altar. But she doesn’t love her intended groom the way you are supposed to love the man you marry. The spark she feels for the stranger who rescued her is stronger than anything she ever hoped to have in her marriage, and how sad is that?

Especially when Asher gives off vibes that while their chemistry is incredible, it’s not going to be forever. A playboy who has actively avoided relationships, he’s the perfect rebound. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they don’t hold themselves back…until Noa catches the exact kind of feelings Asher has made it clear he will never have for her.

For the second time in mere weeks, she has no choice but to run away from a man who can’t give her what she needs. And this time, it hurts so much more than she ever imagined.


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