Hidden in the Sand

Hidden in the Sand

Destination Paradise, Book 3

A small-town girl with trust issues.
A Hollywood super star with one hell of a reputation.
A picture perfect ending? Or will it be nothing but trouble in Paradise?

As Hollywood’s biggest star, Dean Harrison is known for dating his co-stars. It’s a reputation he’s determined to shake. With big aspirations, he’s ready to be taken seriously for his acting—not his sex life. Which is exactly why he needs to keep his new gorgeous co-star at arm’s length. No matter how she makes his heart pound.

Plucked from her boring life, Phoebe Flynn is given the opportunity of a life time to star in this year’s blockbuster hit. Very much aware of Dean’s reputation, Phoebe wants nothing to do with him when the cameras stop rolling. She’ll earn her success on her own terms, thank you very much. The only problem? The more she gets to know him, the faster she starts to fall.

Despite his resolve to stay away, Dean can’t fight his feelings, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove that he wants more than fame. He wants her. But Phoebe doesn’t know what to believe. Is she just another conquest on his way to the top? Or can she really trust him and her heart?

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