The Escape Collection

The Escape Collection

Take a break and ESCAPE with the perfect collection of books from Elena Aitken.

Composing Myself (A Novel)
Whitney Monroe’s always managed to compartmentalize her life, but when sexy singer-songwriter, Reid Phillips becomes her unlikely roommate, her two words are about to collide, and Whitney must make the decision to embrace who she is, or lose everyone and everything she cares about.

Drawing Free (A Novel)
“What would happen if I just kept driving?” Faced with the growing pressures of her daily life, and the realization that she’s completely forgotten who she really is, Becca makes the split second decision to keep driving—leaving her life in the rear view mirror.

Sugar Crash (Novella)
With her daughter facing a life altering diagnosis, single-mom, Darci must find the strength to face the illness head on, and even harder, let others in. Can she let down her walls long enough to embrace her new life?
Based on real events.

Neighbors (Short Story)
What happens behind closed doors…
Sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem. How well do you really know your neighbors?

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