The Swickie

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Swickie: Swim hickie that results from shockingly painful chaffing on the neck while swimming.

This isn’t a technical term, well at least not that I know of, but it should be.

For me, a swickie will result during long distance training swims (when I wear a certain bathing suit) because I only breathe on one side, or during a lake swim when I wear a wetsuit. It can be prevented with a simple little product called Body Glide. But only if you use it…

I ran out…

swickieNote to self, body butter does not work the same way.

Plus it looks stupid.

To-Do List for Today:

-Buy Body Glide

My goal triathlon is on Saturday. Clearly, you can see where my focus is right now. Next week the focus will be back on writing and completing a Castle Mountain Lodge short story with some of my favorite characters from the series!




9 responses to “The Swickie”

  1. You crack me up! The Swickie. That word makes me giggle. Sorry you got swickied, but thanks for the laugh!

  2. Lisa Carlson says:

    I love your swickie….its well earned! Good luck on Saturday!

  3. khourianya says:

    Ha ha! My tri friend Leana is suffering the same fate from her wetsuit at wasa last weekend…

  4. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    Hahaha! That cracks me up for some reason. The Swickie.

  5. Dee says:

    too funny! i have that issue as well…and just realized I may need to prep for the 4th event for my upcoming tri…yikes

  6. JM Randolph says:

    The Swickie: a badge of honor! I can honestly say this has never happened to me. I never swim farther than about 10 feet. Best of luck to you Saturday!

  7. Bridgette says:

    I just wanted to say thank you. I know this is a seriously old post, but I just recently found you and your content and you genuinely brighten my day!

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