Return to Castle Mountain Lodge This Fall

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You may have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in awhile, or maybe you haven’t, that’s okay too. But, the reason I haven’t been writing on my blog is because I’ve been writing like a crazy woman on other projects and I’m so excited to announce some news with Castle Mountain Lodge! I’m always […]


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Hidden Gifts is NOW Available!

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I’m so excited to announce the latest in the Castle Mountain Lodge Series… Bo’s always known that to be a successful hiking guide at the beautiful Castle Mountain Lodge, you have to flirt with the ladies-but never get too close; have a penchant for wild adventures-but know when to pull away; and never have any […]


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Announcing…Hidden Gifts!

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I’m so excited to introduce to you all my latest book. The story takes place in the middle of the Canadian Rockies at Castle Mountain Lodge. Readers will recognize Castle Mountain Lodge from Unexpected Gifts, and will also recognize some of the same characters that make an appearance. I’m very excited about this book and […]



Confessions of a Banana Horder

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It’s been confirmed. I’m a horder. But I don’t horde balls of elastic bands or stacks of unread newspapers. Nope, not me…I horde bananas. And before you start thinking that I have an overflowing fruit bowel full of bananas in various states of decomposition on my counter top, let me put your mind at ease. […]



Rebel Without A Duotang

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This is back to school week for many of my friends, or more accurately, their kids. But…not for us. We happily don’t go back until next Tuesday. (ha ha..snicker snicker) I laugh now, but by Monday night I’ll be ready. As much as I love summer, it’s perfectly timed because by the end of August, […]



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