Summit of Desire

What They're Saying...

AMAZING BOOK!!! Elena Aitken does it again!!! A perfectly lovely, cozy, heartfelt read! I fall immediately into her stories and this one was no different. She has such a special way of writing that makes you FEEL her books. You FEEL the need to devour them in one sitting! I absolutely adore her Stone Summit, The Springs novels! I want to go live there for real and be best friends with all her characters, as I feel like I really know them all. I enjoyed reading Kylie and Malcolm’s story so so much.

Besides Elena’s books being absolutely stunning, they are seriously must reads! I totally recommend not only this book, but all her books!! You can read Summit of Desire as a standalone, but all the other books in tHe Springs are so great, you don’t want to miss out. They all flow so great together. I can’t wait to read what comes next!

Thanks Elena for writing, yet again, such an amazing book!! Sigh… I love them 😉 – Elizabeth Ness