Secret Kisses

About the Book

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**Please note—This is a ‘Steamy’ Version of the original Secret Gifts. If you prefer a sweet romance read, the original version is probably for you.**

If party-boy Gage Mitchell doesn’t shape up, he’ll lose the acting role of a lifetime, and with it, the only means he has to help his family.

PR rep, Megan Powers has only one job–keep Gage Mitchell out of trouble, or she’ll be looking for a new career. And what better place to do it then the remote and beautiful Castle Mountain Lodge. After all, how much trouble could he get into deep in the mountains?

Surrounded by wilderness and away from the paparazzi, there isn’t much for Gage and Megan to focus on–except each other. But when a dark secret from Gage’s past threatens to ruin everything, Megan and Gage stand to lose it all–including each other.

~A hot, contemporary romance~