My Lapse In Judgement (a.k.a. Craft Night)

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I’m not a particularly crafty person. Sure, I like to do some arts and crafts projects. The key word there is ‘some’. And sure, some I’m even okay-ish at. But at no time would I consider myself to be artistic or talented in any craft like activities. In fact, during my time as a Brown Owl, I relied heavily on Tawny Owl to arrange and execute the craft portion of the evening with 20 seven and eight year old girls.

Because of this general arts and crafts deficit, I tend to avoid major projects in my own home. Instead I encourage my daughter (who really is the only crafty one among us) to use her creativity and create something on her own that I will then ooh and ahh over. BUT…sometimes I have a lapse in judgement.

Last Tuesday night in our house was one of those occasions. Syd had come home from Guides the following week very excited about a fashion project in which she had to decorate, adorn and create new fashions out of old clothes. It had to be done for the next meeting. Okay. No problem. She actually had a few art kits just for this purpose AND (this is where the lapse of judgement comes in) years ago I had seen this super cool idea for turning jeans into a skirt. So together, we decided to create some fashion.

I know, you’re probably shaking your head. And you should be. Let me point out that I’m not talented with the sewing machine. I mean…not even a little bit. The only reason I have one is that it was a gift from my mother years ago, no doubt as a subtle hint that she was tired of hemming my jeans for me.Anyway, the plan was simple. I was in charge of sewing the first skirt while Syd took charge of tye-dying her t-shirt at which point, she would take over and sew the next skirt. No problem, right?


Here is what happened for the next four hours…Yes. Four.

I broke one and bent two needles trying to sew through layers of denim.

Syd turned my sinks, my counters, my floor and pretty much every other surface in my kitchen, into a stunning rainbow of colors.

I gave up and sewed both skirts. They actually turned out pretty cute but please don’t look closely.

Syd decided the skirts needed a bit of bling and decided to bedazzle them. Who am I to deny a girl her bling?

Modeling our creations while the shirts splattered dried in the shower stall.

I had a ‘Super-Mom’ moment when the boy requested his favorite salmon for dinner. There ‘may’ have been tye-dye in it. The moment passed…

And…this is how I spent the rest of my night.

Start to finish…four hours. That was a week ago. I’m still recovering. A no sooner had the dye dried on the t-shirts when Syd tells me, “Ya, we didn’t actually have to do the projects before the next Guide meeting. We’re going to do them together as a group.”

Are. You. Kidding. Me?!

How about you? Any major lapses in judgement that involve crafting?

Also…if anyone is interested in seeing it done right, there’s a great tutorial over at this site. And really, she makes it look easy. And maybe it is… if you’re not me.



10 responses to “My Lapse In Judgement (a.k.a. Craft Night)”

  1. too funny. I used to design patterns and sew like a charm. now….not so much. I don’t even know where my sewing machine is. LOL

  2. Bwahaha. Sucker.

    I just don’t even bother.

    In a decade, Vivian can talk to her therapist about her un-crafty mom. Or…I’ll just bring her over to your house…

    • Elena Aitken says:

      don’t bring her to me. oh PLEASE don’t bring her to me. Wait, I know…I’ll send you craft projects to attempt with her. Oh yes…much better idea!

  3. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    I’m pretty sure you need to go over to Marcia Richard’s blog today about stress. But really, you did a fantastic job. You could even be called a pro. Now about the daughter and her mis-information…..

    Been there done that. I would have to have the glass of wine just for that reason alone. Love those kids.

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Ha, thanks, Nancy!
      The skirts look good as long as you don’t look closely. My mother would be mortified if she saw my seams.

  4. Cori says:

    The first problem was using a sewing machine. If you can’t glue it or staple it or maybe even nail it – then it isn’t worth it. I remember buying my sewing machine 15 years ago to “sew curtains for my funky new apartment” My friends still joke about the trendy diagonal those hems made…still trying to figure out the tension so I can have both sides look smooth. The only reason I don’t sell the thing is because if I needed one, I’d have to go buy another one…

    Still – in the end – it looks like your project came together.

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Cori, you’re SO right. I usually stick to glue sticks or projects that she can completely do on her own.
      I love the curtain story! Awesome!
      And wait…you’ll be doing sewing projects with your girls soon enough. ha ha ha

  5. Rikki says:

    Good for you Elena. Years ago when my grandparents moved out of their apartment my mom thought it would be a good idea that I have my grandma’s sewing machine “just in case”. For 9 years it has acted like a table and I have yet to pull it out. I don’t even think during a “super-mom” moment, would I dust the thing off.

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