Kisses Are For Kids

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I don’t honestly know how many people really celebrate ‘love day’, but for all of you that do….Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s not that I’m a total Valentine’s Scrooge, hubby and I do celebrate. We’ll often buy each other cards, and sometimes we exchange gifts or use it as a great excuse for a date night. And sure, I love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day. But for me, flowers on any other day of the year mean more then when society tells him he should buy them for me.

That being said, I’ve decided Cupid’s holiday is mainly for two groups.

1) Those that are newly dating.
2) Kids

And this is my logic…

When you’re newly dating there’s pressure to make a point on Valentine’s Day. No matter how commercialized you may think the day is, if you don’t make any kind of representation, you’re sending a strong message—”I don’t care.” or worse…”I’m not sure if it’s serious, so I didn’t want to blow a bunch of money on you.”

So pretty much, if you’re newly dating…you better be in touch with your cupid.

Kisses Are For Kids

Kisses Are For Kids

But the kids, now this is where Valentine’s Day shines. Remember when you were in elementary school and your mom would bring home those boxes of punch out Valentine’s cards? I don’t know about you, but I’d sit there and painstakingly fill each one out, saving the best ones for the boys I had a crush on. Those I’d fill out last. I’d take extra care printing their names and I’d debate for hours over whether to sign it ‘love’ or not. I mean, when you’re in grade four, that’s a BIG deal.

Finally the day would come and we’d trot off to school where we’d spend the morning depositing our Valentines cards into the specially crafted tissue box-mailboxes (some years they were made out of paper bags) and then…we’d wait…

“What will he do when he gets my Valentine?”
“Will he look at me?”
“Will he talk to me?”

And then when it was time to open our mailboxes, that event was filled with more anticipation and questions…
“What did he write on mine?”
“Did he give me a special card?”
“Did he write love?”

And…almost without fail, after digging through the pile, my girlfriends (who all had their own crushes) and I would appear at recess with identical Valentine’s cards. We’d stand out on the playground and analyze handwriting between them, seeing if their might be something special in the one from our crush. There wasn’t. Worse was when his mom would write them out. That was devastating. There’s nothing quite as bad as pining over a boy, obsessing about February 14, only to get a Valentine from his mom!

I see my own children going through this now. It’s actually fairly cute to watch, but as I send them off for a Valentine’s Day at school where they each have their own crushes and have planned special Valentine’s cards, I worry about their little hearts. But whether their affection is returned or not, when they return from school I’ll have lots of hugs and kisses and my own special Valentines for the two biggest loves of my life.

So how about you? Any fun memories from when you were a kid sending out  little paper cards? Or…did your child go to school today with high hopes?

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4 responses to “Kisses Are For Kids”

  1. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    It’s totally all about the kids. They’re so cute when they go through the cards.

  2. Valentine’s Day is the new Halloween. Seriously.

    Here’s an old memory of mine. My college boyfriend and I never ate out for dinner. No pizza order, no fast food. Ever. Money was just too tight. … Except on special occasions (birthdays and Valentine’s Day), we’d try a different fancy restaurant.

  3. V Day is all about my little dudes. We spent a zillion hours yesterday decorating the Valentine boxes and painfully writing all of the little Valentines. I am glad they enjoy it! 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    My girls were both smiling and happy talking about their day and their ‘crushes’. I do dread the day that it doesn’t all work out though, I remember Vday often sucking. I am now just glad that they all sucked so I held out for the right guy.

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