Confessions of a Banana Horder

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It’s been confirmed. I’m a horder.

But I don’t horde balls of elastic bands or stacks of unread newspapers. Nope, not me…I horde bananas.

And before you start thinking that I have an overflowing fruit bowel full of bananas in various states of decomposition on my counter top, let me put your mind at ease. I mean, come on…you can’t leave bananas on the counter!

I put them in the freezer.


Years ago, my mother taught me that when a banana reaches a certain stage of ripeness (you know… that mushy, more brown than yellow stage) and no one will eat it…you toss it in the freezer. This way, you’re always assured to have some bananas on hand to make banana bread.


And growing up, we had banana bread regularly enough.

Seemed like a sound plan to me.

So…as an adult, I do the same thing. When my family is all banana-ed out, I toss those babies in the freezer. That way I’ll have them to make banana bread.


I don’t.

Make banana bread that is. I don’t actually bake much at all. I’ve mastered a few muffin recipes (sadly, none of them banana) and I can whip up a mean cake mix but that’s pretty much where it ends.

Which isn’t really a problem except that I just keep on tossing those squishy, yellow bad boys into the freezer.

I knew this was a problem. I mean, I knew I would eventually run out of freezer space. BUT…I didn’t realize just HOW big of a problem it was until…

In case you’re having trouble counting all those it’s…45. Yup, 45. (Plus the six I tossed in the freezer at the cabin this summer.)

I was shocked. I was stunned. I clearly have a problem.

But with the new school year upon us, I’ve decided that instead of enrolling in some kind of 12 step problem I’m going to make it my personal mission to use all those bananas for yummy home baked treats for the kids lunches. But I need your help!

Send me your BEST recipes. I don’t mean the ones that are kind of okay. I need the best! I promise to try as many of the recipes as I can AND let you all know how it goes by sharing your recipe with everyone who reads this blog and of course putting up some pictures. AND…if I use your recipe on the blog, I’ll send you a free super awesome advance e-copy of my upcoming novel Hidden Gifts.

So come on, help a banana horder out. And give me some great ideas for my kids lunches.

*Random fact -The word banana was used 14 times in this post.

To send your recipe email it to elenaaitken(at)gmail(dot)com and then leave a little comment to let me know what I’ve got to look forward to.

P.S. I know I promised you a cover reveal this week. And it’s coming…September 2!! So I guess that’s not technically this week. But it IS my wedding anniversary. So..why not?!

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21 responses to “Confessions of a Banana Horder”

  1. OMG…HAHAHA!! You do have a banana hoarding problem. I’ve heard of the freezer thing but never toss my bananas there cause…well…I don’t bake. LOL!!

    Good luck getting some GREAT recipes. Of course, I have none to share since I delight in only eating baked goods….not baking. But I am sure you’ll find some fabulousness out there. Enjoy!

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Ha Ha, thanks Natalie.
      So far I’m getting some yummy looking recipes. I’m actually excited for the kids to try all of this stuff!

  2. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    You soooo have a problem. I do the same thing and I’m no baker (so there won’t be a recipe from me). I pulled 11 out of my freezer… but 45? LOL. I’m going to ask you at Christmas time how many you have in your freezer you know!

    • Elena Aitken says:

      T, I’m sure after this round of banana purging I’ll start all over again. I’m sure to have more by Christmas!

  3. I love that you hord bananas, Elena! Hilarious, yet oh-so practical. 😉 I’ve never thought to use frozen bananas in banana bread—brilliant. I do save them for smoothies, along with other frozen leftover fruit. Delish.

    I shared a banana bread recipe on my blog a while back. Here’s a link: Let me know if you’d like a kale/banana smoothie recipe, too.

    • Elena Aitken says:

      I’m going to check that out, August. Thanks!
      And I would put them in my smoothies except I really don’t like them in there. ha ha

  4. I LOVE this post! You made me laugh out loud (and, I’m by myself in my office).

    I can make you feel better, Elena. On a whim, truly, I emptied my downstairs freezer of out-of-date “things” last week. Apparently, I’ve been ordering from Amazon Fresh longer than I realized because I threw out sealed packages of steak and chicken and pork from 2007…Now, I have all kinds of room in the freezer. Maybe, I’ll start freezing bananas. : )

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Glad I could give you a giggle, Katherine. 🙂
      Definitely start freezing bananas. I’ll pass on all the recipes I get. And you too can be a banana horder.

  5. ROFLMAO…and here I am HOPING the wee beasties will let enough bananas go so I can make banana bread or muffins!!

    But here’s a recipe for you: Fruit & Veggie Muffins. One of our favorite combos is in the ‘other options’ section — banana with strawberries 🙂

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Thanks for the recipe.
      This is how I get so many bananas…I buy them. And they disappear within a day. SO…I buy more. AND…nobody touches them. EVERY TIME! ha ha

  6. The only thing I make with soggy bananas is banana bread, since August already gave you a fab recipe, I won’t post one. You could dip them in chocolate and have frozen bananas like a popsicle. What else? Smoothies? I’m curious what people come up with.

  7. It’s better than body parts. 😉

  8. Michelle says:

    Will be e-mailing you the recipe for Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies that I make every day at the inn, Elena! We put one beside the bed at night for guests when we turn down. They are awesome! I make banana bread and muffins, too, but the cookies are the best!

    • Elena Aitken says:

      Thank you!! they look so yummy!! And I LOVE that you put them by the bed. Maybe I’ll try that with the kids. Or… not. That might be setting their expectations a wee bit too high. 🙂

  9. Jenny Hansen says:

    I am laughing my guts out because I DO IT TOO. My husband asks me almost every time we open the freezer, “So, when are we making some banana bread?” Yep, it’s bad.

  10. Sandy says:

    Good Grief – had I known you had bananas at the lake we could have whipped off a big ole banana bread while I was there. I’m sending you the “best” banana bread recipe and it uses 5 of those bad boys at a time. It has variations that include, chocolate chips (the kids hands down favorite), coconut, nuts or peaches. It will be in your mailbox shortly.

  11. 45 ? Elena, that’s hilarious! Banana bread is a real staple at our house so if you run out of recipes, let me know. It sounds like you will have your pick of some good ones!

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