A BRAND New Series!

Posted Apr 10 2018, 8:28 pm

I’m so excited that a brand new series will be coming soon! 

How soon? 

Really soon. And no, there’s no pre-order for this one. 

And I haven’t announced a release date yet OR a cover! 

Crazy, I know! But I promise it will be worth it. Cam and Evan’s story is one that will make you believe in love AND second chances! 

More information coming VERY soon!! 

She needs a fresh start. He needs her to see how he’s changed. Can time really heal everything…even a broken heart?
Sixteen years ago, rejected by her high school sweetheart, Cam Riley ran straight into the arms of a man who wouldn’t hurt her. Or so she thought. Now, reeling from a painful divorce, and with a troubled teenager in tow, Cam is headed home to heal and start over.
When Officer Evan Anderson pulls over the black SUV with out of state plates, he can hardly believe his eyes when the woman behind the wheel turns out to be none other than his first love. All those years ago, he hadn’t been good enough for her, and he knew it. But time has a way of changing things, and the badge on his chest isn’t the only thing new.
Cam’s got her hands full trying to keep her daughter out of trouble and come to grips with her new life. The last thing she needs is to get involved with Evan again. He broke her heart once; she’s not about to let it happen again. But their attraction is hard to ignore, and the connection that existed between them so many years ago, is still very much alive.
This could be the second chance they’ve always wanted, but there are years of hurt and misunderstandings between them. Never mind the truth of the past and the reality of the present that could once again threaten to pull them apart. This time for good.

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  1. Laurie Julin says:

    I always await your next series with extreme anticipation!🤗

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