My, How Time Flies

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It’s been a year this month that I began this whole ‘blogging thing’. I while I have a terrible memory and cannot remember the exact date, this month still marks my Blogaversary! I didn’t know what to expect when I first started blogging. Maybe I’d have something to say. Maybe I wouldn’t. Maybe somebody would […]


Managing the Social Media Beast with Natalie Hartford

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Today, while I’m on vacay, sipping rum punch and digging my toes in the sand (don’t hate me),my good friend Natalie Hartford agreed to come over to my blog digs and entertain you with her antics. She’s a writer just starting out in the adventure of novel writing and she’s been blogging for about a […]


Sailing Off the Grid

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Tickets – Check House Sitter – Check Bags Packed – Sort of Check Guest Bloggers Lined Up – Check Work Finished – Check Computer Powered Down – Nooooo!! It’s no secret that I have deep love for my laptop. His name is Mac (original, I know) and I love him. He goes everywhere with me. […]


Hanging With Natalie

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It’s Monday, and while the start of the week can often bring the blues, I’m very excited to kick off my week by hanging out with my good buddy Natalie Hartford. She’s been generous enough to host me over at her very blingy blog, AND we’re doing a giveaway!! Check it out. And while you’re […]