Choose Happy: Signs of Spring


Despite the gray weather and on again off again rain we’ve been having for the last few days, today I’m choosing happy.

It’s spring. And even though our grass isn’t green yet. (It’s more of a greeny-brown now) I know it’s coming.

I’ve been waking up to the sweet sound of birdies chirping in the trees in our backyard. This makes me extremely happy (even at 6 AM) because I haven’t woken to this sound in years. Since we live in a fairly new subdivision, it’s taken a while for the trees to become established enough for the birdies.

Here are some of my signs of Spring today.

This is the sight I see walking through my gardens. Soon there will be hundreds of favorites!

Cute new rain boots, ready to get muddy!

Pretty new bike I have my eye on...time to hit the road!

Also, if you hadn’t noticed…Instagram makes me happy too!



What are your Choose Happy moments today?

Choose Happy: Bunny Birthday!


Some days it’s easy to choose happy and other days you have to work a little harder. But this week is my birthday week so…it’s a no brainer. I choose happy.

My first birthday and first bunny cake. There were more cakes with Grandma

This years birthday is made extra special because I’m visiting with my grandma so we can share our birthdays together just like we used to. Mine is on the 11th and hers on the 12th. My mom pulled a rabbit out of a hat (or out of a cake pan in this case) and made us matching bunny cakes like we had when I was a child.

Our bunny cakes!

Visiting with Grandma isn’t always easy because she forgets a lot, repeats herself and sometimes forgets things that she knows she should remember. That’s hard. Also, I know she’s sick and there’s a very good chance that next year I’ll be celebrating my birthday solo. So often when we’re visiting, I spontaneously get teary.

But even when I get sad, it’s okay because those moments when Grandma laughs and we share a joke or a story, make my heart happy.

Sharing memories

Today Grandma’s celebrating her NINETIETH birthday!

Happy Birthday to us!

It’s easy to choose happy when I’m celebrating with Grandma.


Tell me, how did you choose happy this week? Big or little…every happy moment counts!

Choose Happy


Easier said than done, right?

I don’t live in a fairy world of bubbles and rainbows where everything is wonderful. Shocking, I know.

I do try to be positive, see the brighter side of situations and generally be as optimistic as possible. But sometimes…life sucks. Sometimes it seems that everything is piling up at once and all I want to do is crawl into my comfy, cozy bed and sleep (or cry). Here’s the thing – turns out that’s not a reasonable nor a practical approach to life.

For the last ten days or so, even my best efforts to be positive have been met with…a whole bunch of crap. It’s a sad time, a hard time and my heart is hurting. And of course…when it rains it pours. I have tried, but more often then not, life has really gotten the best of me this last little while and I’ve had a really hard time finding things to be happy about.

BUT…silver lining time…I realized that even during the worst times, there is ALWAYS something that can cheer me up. Simple things, easy things, things that have the power to put a smile on my face. I realize that some days it’s easy to find stuff to be happy about, but even on those terrible, horrible, very bad, no good days, there is always something to smile about, if you’re open to it. And I think everyone can use more happy in their lives. I mean, who doesn’t like to smile and laugh?!

Perception is everything and even in rough times, it is possible to choose happy, even if it’s only for a moment.

I’ve decided to make this a regular part of my blog so watch for my choose happy posts (probably on Wednesdays) and PLEASE share your happy moments too. Little things, big things…it doesn’t even matter as long as they made you smile.

So here we go…my first Choose Happy moment…

A brand new notebook and a necklace with a mini kettle ball and tag 'Believe in Yourself'

This early birthday gift put a smile on my face Monday. The fact that it was also accompanied by a latte and a chat with a good friend helped!

If you need a smile of your own, here’s a little video that makes me giggle and is a great example of choosing happy.


So, what made YOU smile today? What was your happy moment? Share, because everyone can use a smile!

Passionately Happy


This past weekend, I was able to escape to the mountains to do what I love. Write! For 48 glorious hours, I was able to totally immerse myself in my project.

It’s hard for some people to understand how I can go away for an entire weekend and be perfectly content absolutely thrilled to sit with my laptop for the entire time. But I absolutely cherish those weekends.

Simply put, I love writing. I remember my love affair starting in grade three, and despite my efforts to squash it (and trust me, I tried), the love never died. Writing is the one thing that if you told me I could never do it again, would destroy me. It’s part of who I am. Even if I never sold another book, I’d always write more. You could say writing is my passion.

Words make me happy

Recently, I’ve thought about this a bit. Some people take pictures, some paint, some run, for some it’s animals, or singing…whatever it is, I believe that everyone should be passionate about something. Something that’s just theirs. And even if you are able to share it with friends from time to time (as I did this past weekend) it’s still something that you can claim for yourself. That makes you happy, you know, like really happy, on the inside.

For years, I put my dreams of writing in a box (almost literally) and tucked them away. I focused on a million other things. Because after all, writing wasn’t a serious thing. It was a hobby, right? I could never do it for a living, could I? Why waste my time with words when I had a life to get on with?

I told myself all those things, and more. Until one day, I realized that even though I had this amazing husband, beautiful children, a new career blooming and wonderful friends, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t me. I was denying a huge part of myself, but why? Because of the perception that other people had about writing? Because I didn’t believe in myself? Because it was a ‘waste of time’?

It was a combination of all those things. But the day I made the decision to start writing again, was a whole new start for me. And over the last few years, I’ve finally come into my own. I’m more ‘me’ than I have been in years because not only have I accepted that I’m a writer, I’m embracing it. It makes me happy. REALLY happy. And life is way too short not to be passionately happy.


So what’s YOUR passion?

I know this video has been going around, but I saw it for the first time the other day on my friend Naomi Bulger’s blog. I think it’s just perfect.

By they way… Naomi lives in Australia and takes the most beautiful pictures (that I live vicariously through) Check it out!

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