Choose Happy: Signs of Spring

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Despite the gray weather and on again off again rain we’ve been having for the last few days, today I’m choosing happy. It’s spring. And even though our grass isn’t green yet. (It’s more of a greeny-brown now) I know it’s coming. I’ve been waking up to the sweet sound of birdies chirping in the […]


Choose Happy: Bunny Birthday!

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Some days it’s easy to choose happy and other days you have to work a little harder. But this week is my birthday week so…it’s a no brainer. I choose happy. This years birthday is made extra special because I’m visiting with my grandma so we can share our birthdays together just like we used […]


Choose Happy

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Easier said than done, right? I don’t live in a fairy world of bubbles and rainbows where everything is wonderful. Shocking, I know. I do try to be positive, see the brighter side of situations and generally be as optimistic as possible. But sometimes…life sucks. Sometimes it seems that everything is piling up at once […]


Passionately Happy

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This past weekend, I was able to escape to the mountains to do what I love. Write! For 48 glorious hours, I was able to totally immerse myself in my project. It’s hard for some people to understand how I can go away for an entire weekend and be perfectly content absolutely thrilled to sit […]