Pin it Up: Why you should check out Pinterest


If you haven’t heard about Pinterest yet, well, you’re missing out. I discovered this little time waster gem a few months ago, and let me tell you, it may be the best thing since, well…a cork board.

I love cork boards, pin boards, and really any type of board where I can stick up a bunch of stuff. Case in point…a few boards from around my home…

The board in my office where I pin photos, quotes, and random inspirational things.

The kid’s board in the kitchen where we pin reports, projects, good marks, and things we need to remember.

My storyboard. To be fair, this one is also in my office.

So clearly, it’s no secret that I like pin boards so you can see why I took to Pinterest so quickly. For those of you unfamiliar with the latest and greatest website, here’s a sneak peek.

This is the home page, so you can see what’s new. It may seem overwhelming, but trust me, it’s not. In a nutshell, Pinterest is like flipping through a magazine and cutting out all the good articles. Only, instead of pinning them to a physical cork board, you get to pin them to your virtual cork board so they don’t clutter everything up. And, you ultra organized people will like this one, you can organize the boards. Check it out…

You can organize each pin into the appropriate board and you can title them however you like

So, how do you find all this wonderful stuff to pin, you ask? That’s easy. Everywhere! It sucks when you’re surfing through the internet and you see something, maybe a recipe you’d love to try, and then you can’t remember where you saw it. So…you Pin it! That way, next time you’re looking for something to cook for dinner, check out your board.
Another great way to find cool stuff is by following cool people. This is where Pinterest gets kinda Social Media on us, but don’t worry, it’s not like Facebook or Twitter where you should follow your friends (don’t get me started on unfriending.) You don’t have to follow your actual friends on Pinterest, in fact, you can follow virtual strangers and heck, if they pin cool stuff…you should follow them.
And this is where Pinterest gets really cool. By taking a minute to browse every few days (or every day, I’m not judging you) you can find some awesome things. Maybe they’re just funny pictures of cats (again, I’m not judging) or maybe you’ve discovered some funky make up tips or a new workout. Whatever it is, Pinterest is full of it because someone else has already discovered it off the internet. All you have to do is (say it with me now) Pin It!

Whether you ever go back and use any of the Pins…well, that’s a subject for another day. The point is, if you like finding cool new stuff, or you are a pin board addict like myself, or even if you’re just looking for some time to kill while you wait on hold with the electric company, check out Pinterest.

Because I love finding cool new pins, this summer I’m going to feature some of the best pins that I find AND if you have a cool pinning story, shoot me an email, I’d love to feature it.

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2 thoughts on “Pin it Up: Why you should check out Pinterest

  1. Hi, Elena! I’m already an advocate and user of Pinterest. Great idea to share! I’m also in a state of envy over your storyline cork board and now really want one for myself. Thanks for sharing your little secret. ;)

  2. Pinterest is exciting, and not as addictive as people say–from my experience anyway. I’ve met some awesome bloggers, gained readers and recipes, and man. The animal pictures are soul candy! ;) Great post!

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